The Functional Fragrance system consists of a total of four unisex roll-ons with two blends specifically designed to calm and ground the mind and uplift and energize the mood.

In collaboration with French perfumer-creator Marie Urban Le Febvre, who learned her skills from the prestigious Perfumery school ISPICA in Versailles before she worked in Paris for international Perfume houses, we developed four different grades in her laboratory in Berlin.

Each fragrance is specifically formulated to balance the most common symptoms which society is suffering from: anxiety, stress, distraction, and fatigue.

What makes Nullpunkt different is that for us the effect and the wearer come first and the aesthetics come after. Basically, we simply turn the classic process of perfume production around: Fragrance Follows Function. Our functional fragrances are meant to be something you enjoy for yourself. This new way of thinking about fragrances is something we want to establish with our four grades.


How to use

Our functional fragrances are meant to be used in exactly the moment you need them.

Simply take them with you wherever you go. Put them in your pocket and pull one out whenever you are experiencing moments of anxiety, stress, distraction or fatigue.

We designed the grades to fit into your busy everyday life and quickly become a part of your daily routine.


How to apply

Take a moment to become aware of your emotions and choose the appropriate fragrance according to your feelings you want to balance. Apply the roll-on on the neck, temples, wrists, behind the ears or on the abdominal area. Breathe in deeply several times to feel an immediate effect and then let the subtle scent work for you. Repeat as needed throughout the day.