Fragrance follows function

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Nullpunkt is a subtle and sophisticated support system to achieve a balanced state of mind. We combine the charm of exquisite fragrances with the benefits of aromatherapy. Each of our four grades comes with a captivating scent to create instant moments of clarity.

We use only 100% natural, high-quality ingredients, each of which has its own history and character and contributes to the effectiveness in a unique way.

We believe in a more mindful society. We believe that our collective well­being is built on the peace of mind of each individual. And that great achievements come from the balance of body and mind.

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Our Functional Fragrance system consists of four unisex roll-ons with two blends specifically designed to calm and ground the mind and uplift and energize the mood.

Fragrance follows function: We are a functional tool. Our highest priority is the intended positive impact on our customers’ mind. Our composed scents help to turn this routine into an olfactory sensation.

Each fragrance is specifically formulated to balance the most common symptoms society experiences: anxiety, stress, distraction, and fatigue. All of them are formulated to provide you with the feeling of inner balance.

With experts in Grasse, the birth place of fragrance sensations, an olfactory lab in Berlin and a creative studio in Hamburg, we had the perfect soil to bring a new generation of aromachology products to life.

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