The German term “Nullpunkt” refers to an unbiased starting point. A clean slate without any discomfort that may have built up along the way. Without any obstacles ahead, you are in the best position to pursue your goals.

We aim for a perfect balance of body and mind. A state of calm where outside influences have no effect on our performance in life and work.

Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances is a unisex wellbeing brand with a vision to support people in integrating more mindful and balanced routines.


We use only 100% natural high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. Each ingredient has its own history and character and contributes in its own unique way to the effectiveness. Our selected essential oils are blended with jojoba oil.

We consciously select our raw materials according to our quality standards and with consideration for the environment and resource efficient production. We source our essential oils from a small boutique manufacturer in Grasse, the French capital of perfumes.

Our products are NATRUE and Vegan Society certified, and thereby we promise 100% natural, vegan and alcohol-free functional fragrances.

A note from our founder

"The idea for Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time we all have been a lot on our own. Naturally we became more aware of topics around mindfulness and wellbeing.​

In my former profession as a strategy consultant I experienced the contrary between continously performing while personally seeking for balance. So, I started thinking about ways to effectively encounter moments of personal disbalance in an easy sophisticated way. ​

In neuroscience I found that scents can directly affect our brain and alter our mood. Combining this with how Yoga has taught me to practice breathing is the basis of Functional Fragrances.​

Nullpunkt is an efficient tool you can easily integrate into your everyday life, so you can find balance in the here and now to go after your goals, dreams and aims."

- Amanda Mai